Moondance x Dope Ammo-Together 22 Digital Edition

Buckle up for a massive 44 track compilation album packed with DnB and Breaks bangers! Moondance x Dope Ammo present ‘Together 22’ with tracks from Ratpack, Top Buzz, DJ Rap and a load more!!!

A major portion of this album involves productions, collabs and remixes involving Dope Ammo. These include set in stone rave classics from the 90s and brand new tunes. The album can be broadly divided between DnB/Jungle and Breaks/Bass. Lets get stuck in with the deets!!!

The DnB/Jungle Bangers

There’s no better way to kick off an album than a big vocal tune like the title track ‘Together’ by D.A/DJ Rap where a massive call to unity vocal meets the immovable force of a melodic, rolling bassline! One of our absolute favourite tracks is Danny Byrd’s amazing Jungle remix of Acen’s ‘Trip II The Moon’, flipping the Hardcore behemoth into a big rave/festival tune!

Dope Ammo/Benny Page Ft Cat mctigue ‘I Need Your Loving (Halflight Remix)’ flips a well known vocal from multiple sources into a Neurofunk tinged teeth smasher which will have you singing and moshing until you get whiplash and a sore throat!

How about Top Buzz ‘Living In Darkness’ getting the remix treatment from D.A/Nicky Blackmarket plus new vocals? Yes, you know this is going to go off!!!

Force & The Evolution’s seminal mid 90s Hardcore track ‘Perfect Dreams’ gets a Kleu DnB treatment blending those infamous vocals with some rugged bass n’ beats! Contrast that with summery sounds of Johnny L’s 92 anthem ‘Hurt You So’ rerubed by D.A/Ed Solo in rolling Ragga Jungle fashion!

Beverly Craven’s 90s emo ballad became imortalised by Orca, turning and twisting the meaning of the vocals in the direction of starry eyed ravers. Dope Ammo teams up with Emillie Rachel for a new version of ‘4am’ remixed by Halflight into a slapping peak time banger!

Aphrodite aka A Zone contributes a very Urban Takeover sounding version of Jungle classic ‘Calling All The People.’ The Criminal Minds ‘Baptised By Dub’ appears in a number of versions on this album, one being the D.A/Acid Bros remix with bars from Spyda MC. This version is a great DJ tool, transitioning from breaks to DnB tempo and letting the hoovers rip over a Reese bass that will leave imprints in the walls!

Benny Page takes on Shades Of Rhythm’s ‘Sound of Eden’ (Eeevrytime I see the girrrrrrllllll) admirably, cutting up the pianos and vocals into a slick DnB stepper! Ellis Dee & Twista drop an oldskool style Rare Groove meets Jungle smasher ‘Speshy Style’ loaded with vintage Jungle breaks, BIG bass and FX!

The Kniteforce connection continues with Dope Ammo’s remix of Force & The Evolution’s ‘High On Life’, different tempo, every bit the anthem as the original! D.A & Kleu team up to take on the Ratpack’s ‘Searchin’ For My Rizla’ with a cool extended oldskool style drop before the DnB kicks in!!!

Industry legend, Promo Zo absolutely smashes it with a 2022 Nuskool Jungle banger by the name of ‘Jungle Ting.’ Fleck turns out an amzing remix of NRG’s ‘Feel The Fury’ , a festival weapon that will definitely please the crowd, especially when that piano kicks in!

Sense & Jason Kaye (Top Buzz) show some real style and class with the soulful Liquid grooves of ‘Keep On.’ Dope Ammo gives the DnB treatment to Jimmy J & Cru L T’s singalaong anthem ‘Six Days’, a transformative remix that keeps the vocals and vibes while retweaking the original for high energy DnB crowds!

Kenny Ken brings something fresh to the DnB blueprint with ‘Dub Horns.’ D.A revibes Slipmatt’s ‘Hear Me’ into a brand new instant classic for the 2022 ravers! Ray Keith delivers some signature dread business with throbbing bass and rolling amens like only Ray does!

For the big room DnB lovers, Alexander Norman’s ‘Release Me’ is pure festival fire straight from the booth! Brummie don, K-Jah turns Jimmy J & Cru L T ‘DJs In Full Effect’ into a knock your socks off wobbler and Midas/D.A turn the oldskool Happy Hardcore crowd pleaser ‘Crowd Control’ into a vibe shifting vocal DnB slammer ready to pack the dancefloor!!!

Sense drops a tasty vocal number ‘The One’ to get the crowd bouncing and sing along. Dope Ammo contributes another huge vocal roller ‘Morning Sun’, a little nod to the legendary New Order and an absolute bassline destroyer!!!

Pretty much everyone knows or have heard Awesome 3’s ‘Don’t Go’, a classic in it’s own right played by all the top DJs of the rave era. ‘Together’ features a number of stellar remixes of this much loved tune. One of them is Dope Ammo, Sublow Hz & Zero G’s DnB rerub, vocals intact, vibes at maximum with some big Landlord stabs to keep that oldskool feel!

One of the biggest tunes ever to be released on Kniteforce is DJ Ham ‘Most Uplifting.’ You may know him as top DnB producer, Hamilton these days. Who better than Bladerunner to remix this Hardcore weapon into a BIG Jungle roller? Of course, he does the absolute business!!!

Another legend still going strong is Ellis Dee who also appears on ‘Together’ with a lucious slice of DnB ‘I Want More’ with melodic strings and burrowing basslines aplenty!!!

The Breaks/Bass Bangers!

I’ve divided this section into what I call ‘Piano tunes’ and the more Jungle leaning tracks. Liquid is the master of Piano tracks and ‘Everywhere Is Nowhere’ is yet another testament to that fact with soaring pianos and perfectly matched pads/strings with that epic feel. The Dope Ammo remix of ‘Everywhere Is Nowhere’ adds plenty of oomph to the piano for a puchy retouch. We get even more Liquid via a collab with Billy Daniel Bunter on the bleepy Jungle Tekno feels of ‘Dove Removal Machine.’

MKII’s remix of Origin8a & Propa’s ‘Massive’ is about as a big a piano tune as it gets with rolling breaks, anthemic piano, vocals and and stabby rave interludes. MKII aslo contributes a personal production in the shape and sound of ‘Higher’ ft Jasmine Knight, a tune that brings to mind Rachel Wallace ‘Tell Me Why.’ Billy Daniel Bunter & Sanxion collab on the aptly titled ’92 Breakbeat Piano’ where the very best in uplifting keys meets a super-crisp amen break, a tune that does what it says and does it well!!!

Dope Ammo & Nev Scott take us on an emotion filled roller coaster with the positive and euphoric rave breaks of ‘Feel The Music.’ Mix two of Awesome 3 ‘Don’t Go’ is something very special. Hyper On Experience retweak the piano and stabs to produce something fresh and original that breathes new life into the original.

DJ Twista is a veteran in his own right with a huge back catalogue of releases. ‘Waste My Time’ is a signature Twista banger with a crisp funky drummer break and House music influenced keys. D.A & Ratpack collab on ‘Going Back’, a Reggea tinged vocal number that has everything!

Sidestalker’s remix of ‘Baptised By Dub’ adds in some really nice, subtle touches while staying true to it’s crucial elements. D.A & Nicky Allen take on Ratpack’s Joe Smooth tribute ‘Brothers and Sisters’ adding a little Trance flavour to the breaks and beats.

One of my favourite tracks on this album is Pete Cannon’s remix of Ratpack’s ‘Searchin’ For My Rizla’, a remixe packed with flourishes like the inclusion of ‘Tom’s Diner’, added 303s and huge subs. Now for another of my favourite overall tracks, Sense ‘The Drop’ has great stabs, nice percs, solid breaks and a great drop (yes, no pun intended!) with cleverly edited vocals. Nookie supplies one of his gorgeous dreamy productions at 145BPM, ‘The Awakening’ has all the hallmarks of Nookie’s mid 90s Jungle gems, all of which sound equally amazing at the lower tempo.

And that leaves the third pick from this incredible LP, Sam Deely x Sensa’s Jungle roller ‘Take Me Away’, a tune loaded to the nines with atmosphere, packed with big basslines, lush strings and even a bit of sax!!!

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