Moondance x Dope Ammo- Together 22 Vinyl Edition

Along with the digital compilation, there is also a vinyl album available via those fine chaps and chapesses at Kniteforce Revolution! If you’re after some absolute bangers of the rave variety on wax, roll up, roll up!!!

KF230-KFZ16 – Various Artists – Moondance 8 Vinyl Extended Box Set (8×12″ Vinyl + Digital)

Various Artists – Moondance 5 Vinyl Box Set (5×12″ Vinyl + Digital)

Oldskool classics, oldskool classics remixed and original tunes all come together on this essential vinyl box set. Let’s start with Awesome 3 ‘Don’t Go’, you know it, you’ve sang along to the words ‘I cannot bear to see you leave me, I’m begging you don’t goooo.’

In this bundle, you get the original, the excellent Kicks Like A Mule remix plus two brand new remixes. Dope Ammo, Sublow Hz & Zero G turn the original into a uplifting DnB roler with added devestating basslines that will leave you floored on the dancefloor (or even at home!).

To quote Jimmy Cricket (yes, I’m that old!) ‘and there’s more!’ By that, I mean the HYper On Experience remix of ‘Don’t Go’ which by itself would make the entire vinyl bundle worth the dosh! The way this remix opens and how it progresses through cleverly replayed versions of the piano and stabs, switching scales, rearanging them and chopping up the breaks is something you have to hear! I’m going on record and saying it’s the best version bar the original and this is 2022!

Next up, The Criminal Minds ‘Baptised By Dub’ appears in original form plus two two absolutely stonking (I can’t help these 90’s phrases, please bear with me!) remixes. Dope Ammo & The Acid Brothers kick things off at original tempo before kicking it into 170 territory while MC Spyda serenades us with killer rhymes! Sidestalker provides a remix/re-edit with some really nice additional touches, small things that make a difference like the wah wah guitar effect added to the Reggea notes, it’s very special indeed!

The Ratpack’s ‘Searchin’ For My Rizla’ is up next in original, Fresstylers remake, and two new mixes by Dope Ammo and Pete Cannon. Mr Ammo does a fantastic job of reworking this tune for the DnB raversand oldskool diehards alike. Pete Cannon speeds things up and adds in nice extras like more of Tom’s Diner! Both new versions are going to do the business in the 2022 summer raves for sure!

The remaining records in this boxset feature some signature Ray Keith deep, dubby JUngle in ‘Back IN The Day’, Dope Ammo & Nicky Allen with a festival ready rave breaks rework of Ratpack ‘Brothers and Sisters’, Liquid’s soaring string laden opus ‘Everywhere and Nowhere’ and Twista’s House influenced roller ‘Waste My Time.’

Ahem…and there’s (still) more! Like Dope Ammo & Nicky Blackmarket’s remix of Top Buzz ‘Living In Darkness’, a remix that fits like a musical glove with all the energy of the original and all the fire of the very best DnB rollers! MKII’s remix of Origin8a & Propa ‘Massive’ is right up there with the biggest piano rave tunes, Aphrodite aka A-Zone’s ‘Unlocked’ of his own ‘Calling All The People’ is a perfect reconstruction of the 94 original, cranked up to 170 with even weightier bass!

Sense ‘The Drop’ is a personal fave of this writer, the percussive build up, the stabs and that clever vocal combination are a winner! Billy Daniel Bunter & Liquid’s ‘Dove Removal Machine’ captures 92 Jungle Tekno in 4min, 52 secs bottle of bleeps and emotive strings like only these talented dudes can! Speaking of strings, just close your eyes and hit play on the absolutely stunning Nookie track ‘The Awakening’, let the gorgeous strings and deep grooves pour over you!

Another personal fave is Stormski’s ‘Dream Of Heaven’, a massive piano rave track that has been the favourite of post ‘oughts raves and sounds even better here on vinyl! It’s not hard to hear why this firestorm of Hip Hop infused breaks, vocals and Korg M1 euphoria always hits the spot!

Ellis Dee & Twista round up a fantastic package with a slice of 94 style Tom & Jerry Jungle called ‘Speshy Style.’ This takes me back to my Jungle Mania albums in the mid 90s with all those big tunes with funky samples and even bigger wobbles! The 6 x vinyl package comes with a USB containing even more tracks including remixed Kniteforce classics! Get ordering and get your Moondance on!

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