Motion Sky – The MPC

Another musical treat from Swerve Digital and Motion Sky. ‘The MPC’ is free to download and a must for your House music sets over the holiday period and into 2018!

Almost 28 years ago, Chad Jackson instructed us to ‘Hear The Drummer Get Wicked’, 28 years on, Motion Sky pay homage to the perennial favourite drum machine of a quadrillion or so bedroom producers-the Akai MPC

When the title of the track is a drum machine, expect that track to focus heavily on the drums which is exactly what Motion Sky ‘The MPC’ does. The Scottish duo have a reputation for making driving Tech House and Techno tunes that showcase the incredible versatility and danceable nature of straight up nothin’ but drums! Here, being free does not mean any deficiency in quality. ‘The MPC’ is a fire lit banger with a magnetic force that will pull you onto the dancefloor and shake you around good and proper!!!

Download Free Here

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