Motivbreaks-The Warehouse Revival

Rave, Bass and Breaks all in one on a massive LP from Motivbreaks

‘The Warehouse Revival’ is a euphoric journey that begins with the deep, soaring keys of Future Garage influenced ‘The Way You Hold Me’, a track bursting with intensity and expansiveness. ‘Hyped’ opens with oldskool rave beats before dropping into fluid, otherworldly sounds set to a mammoth beats n’ bass brew!

‘The Game We Play’ is a robust breaks banger with heavy overtones and vibrant strings, alternating between amens and contemporary breaks plus a gorgeous vocal. ‘I Need’ is full on rave with junglistic breakdowns and massive piano. ‘Loving You’ amps the excitement levels with a strings of life style opener and a momentous build up to the slamming beats.

‘Up On The Cloud’ is reinforced titanium Jungle infused bass n’ breaks with a familiar vocal for the 90s raving crew. ‘Make You Mine’ fuses elements of UKG, Electro and festival ready breaks for a crowd rocking weapon of choice. ‘Matter Of Time’ loads up the power chords for a melancholic yet epic vocal tune with housey organs and laser like stabs.

‘1992’ is the opus of this album with the euphoria dialed up to 11 plus for a blissful, energy laden to the year 1992. ‘Touch Me’ throbs and reverberates with unwavering intent, washing the listener with ethereal strings, shards of 90s rave and Detroit Techno/Inner City style riffs straight from the warehouse!

‘Take Me Higher’ is a hand raising anthem with a massive nod to 1991 rave from the lush pianos and vocals to the landlord style synths and crunching beats. ‘Don’t Come Back’ makes use of strong male vocals, euphoriant strings, super-phat bass and a thumping breakbeat. ‘Piano Soundwaves’ completes an excellent EP on a darker edged tip, contrasting tough techno synths with a blissed out mid section. This LP is an absolute 10/10 for production, for vibes and sheer listenability!

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