Movement- Raindance

Movement drops a rave nostalgia filled EP of slammin’ breaks on Dissident Sound!

Movement drops a breaks EP that will please a variety of raving tastes. ‘Embrace’ opens in dark, foreboding fashion with a shuffling beat before dropping into a beefed up oldskool hardcore style beat with booming subs. The track progresses into a full on 808 loaded 130 Jungle breaks smasher

‘Flashback’ begins in an eerie fashion, sampling Jungle MCs and breaks from the 95 ‘Arsonist’ version of Urban Shakedown ‘Some Justice.’ Fans of Mella Dee will love this dark swamp monster of a tune that combines elements of grime instrumentals with oldskool jungle to scarily good effect

‘Peekaboo’ blends Grime, Techno and Jungle for a barrage of bass and beat mastery. Hearing tracks like this makes it easy to appreciate what a talented producer Movement is. The track progresses into a darkside slammer that recalls the 1993 era of rave music.

‘Raindance’ calls back to the huge outdoor raves of 1992. Imagine a 92 hardcore mixtape distilled into one huge bass n’ breaks banger and you’re on the right track to getting the vibe of this festival destined track.

This is one of the best breaks EPs you will hear this year, packed with top quality production and party vibes. Make sure you get yours!

Download Movement ‘Raindance’ From Bandcamp

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