NewKiller-Lurking Among Us (TUNNEL003)

Got any jungle in Guy? Time Tunnel Recordings do, the NewKiller ‘Lurking Among Us’ EP…Brace yourselves!

NewKiller takes us into the deepest depths of darkness with the EP title track. This is proper oldskool jungle, moody sub booms, shards of terror FX, deftly chopped breaks and the sound of pure, cold sweat, teeth gnashing fear.

‘Random Acts Of Cruelty’ goes full Jungle Tekno with pumping kick drums and some Tango & Ratty style dark riffing business. The funky riffs kick in just in time to pile on the breaks and FX for some of that early 93 influenced magic. Think Anthill Mob, Chaos & Julia Set or even Mr Ron Wells himself!

‘U 92 (Stripped To The Core)’ grabs the listener by the jugular with some Certificate 18 inspired eerie amen business that soon turns into some Doc Scott/Metalheadz darkness, dark enough to send the bravest of you under the bed! If Darth Vader made Hardcore Jungle his name would be NewKiller!!!

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