Nightmare, Devastate and UFO-We 3 EP

3 Oldskool legends combine their talents for the latest EP on DJ Jedi’s Cantina Cuts.

Nightmare & Devastate-BadBwoy
Some early Jungle Tekno business with Ragga vocals, high subs, trippy keys and hoovers just like the good old days!!!

91/92 style and done in style! Swift keys and stabs, rolling beats and all the ingredients for a 2022 Hardcore anthem!

Nightmare & UFO-New Flex (D’state VIP Mix)
This is the hands in the air vocal one! Contrasted by rolling breaks with a deep expansive feel that puts you in a very pleasing state of mind.

Nightmare & UFO-Fever
This is my favourite track! Can’t but love the rapid hoovers and scratches that kick things off and boy is this one hard!!!

So what do you get when bona fide oldskool legends come together to make new tunes? The answer is this fantastic EP, a releases that deserves to sit next to the golden era classics on the record shelf and more importantly to recieve repeat plays!

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