Nixon : Basement Selection (Punks Music)

Like pretty much every other Punks Music fan, when we heard that Nixon would be compiling the next compilation album on the imprint, expectation and anticipation levels soared through the roof and into the next dimension as he is a producer who only ever blows us away with the music he releases. There are very few that can match his ability to deliver nostalgic moments of magic in a modern-day manner for the dance floors of today quite like Nixon can.

Having cut his teeth in the Blue Note era of Drum n Bass when Metalheadz, Good Looking Records, and Moving Shadow were making their presence felt, influences from that time still come to the fore in the music he makes nowadays and are the type that grabs his attention the most when he’s on the hunt for new music. With over 20 years of experience and knowledge under his belt, there was only one man for the job of compiling the mammoth 28 track ‘Basement Selection’.

As Nixon has compiled this new album, you may well expect there to be new music featuring somewhere on it and if those are your thoughts, it’s excellent news as he has no less than 6 brand new which is more than any fan of his could have ever have hoped for! Accompanying those tracks are exclusive beats from Stanton Warriors, Cause & Affect, Mafia Kiss, Hypho & Dread Mc, Rico Tubbs, Figures Of Eighty, Isenberg and some amazing licenses from the likes of Jakwob, Fish and Guau, plus a few of Nixon’s favourites from the Punks Music archives. With so much to listen to, it’s best you go make a brew, then get comfy, pop on your headphones and fully immerse yourself in what will be one of the most heart-racing, intense and enjoyable music journey’s you’ve been on for quite some time.

As an extra treat, Punks Music have dropped a free D n B remix from ZeroZero of Nixon’s epic track ‘God’s Choir’ which you can check out and download below. Don’t be too fooled by the stunning intro because things do take a darker twist.


Buy ‘Basement Selection’ here from various online stores.



Download ZeroZero’s free remix her eon Toneden.

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