Noisia vs. The Prodigy – Gutters Of Narayan (c-Row’s 40k Reboot)

As far as mashups go, this one from Germany’s c-Row that pits Tom Real & Rogue Element‘s remix of ‘Gutterpunk’ by Noisia against The Prodigy‘s ‘Narayan’ is one of the best ones I’ve ever heard! It was originally released 5 years ago when he’d hit 40k plays on Soundcloud and there it’s been sat all this time just waiting for its new lease of life. We’re only too happy to give it that lease of life because it’s one of those tracks that will bring on plenty of whoops, cheers and raised hands on the dancefloor at any given moment.

If you’ve connected with this track as we have, do get excited, because you can find even more pieces of mashup magic when you get digging through his many tunes on Soundcloud.


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