NOVABLOOD-In release their next EP ‘In The Dark’ this February. You can listen to tantalising clips of the four tracks of melodic house and electronica above and enjoy an indepth interview with the band below

NOVABLOOD has been around a very short space of time. Have you achieved more or less than you felt you could, within the year you’ve both worked together?

Mark: Personally speaking, I never had any preconceptions about where or what I required from the project. We just decided to write and what we’ve released are the fruits of those sessions within the last 12 months.

Dave: We’ve laid foundations I guess, there was no plan. I’m very proud of what we’ve done so far and excited to move into another year.

12 months and 2 Ep’s in, has the response been what you expected?

Mark: I think the response has been great. 9192 seemed to have gathered us some momentum and the video blew up in comparison to anything posted prior. We’ve had all the current music supported by BBC introducings Tom Salmon which is always great, we’ve still to see national plays, but there’s plenty of bands out there waiting too.

Dave: It’s been good, 9192 video was great for us even the first clip had a positive response. We’re defo a video band, a bit like Duran Duran in the eighties!

We’ve seen the 9192 video, it looks great and we love it’s twist. Were you pleased with the direction of it and how did that come about?

Mark: Callum who directed the video was interested in working on a project with me a year or two back and when I decided we had something to get our teeth into, he was ready to get on board. He did a great job and delivered something both himself and us were really happy with.

Dave: Callum absolutely nailed it.
We got together beforehand and discussed where we wanted to take it.The concept came together just before filming. So proud of Evan who starred in it. He’s well into his clubbing, it just came full circle.
The real life twist is, the field that we filmed the last scene in was just in front of the house in which my Mum was born and where she used to play as a kid. I was driven to the location and didn’t know this.

Are you guys continually writing new material or do you set yourselves a goal and rest for a while?

Mark: We took time out toward the end of 2019 and will carry on writing new material in 2020. 10 completed tracks in 12 months is good going I think, so it was worth stepping back for a few months to take stock.

Dave: We have a batch of great ideas to work on and will continue to write and record for the first half of the year. Keep keeping on!

It’s quite difficult to place NOVABLOOD within genres, electronic / house, etc, was that intentional?

Mark: I like it when it’s tricky. What’s the point in fitting snuggly into a pre-made box. To me it’s about adding something to a vibe which gives the listener a more difficult time trying to decide which way we go next. Genres are rubbish anyways. It’s a label and they can be restricting. I was never going to drop a generic house track and Dave was never going to bring a hands in the air vocal.

Dave: Labels are for lazy journalists, our next song and it’s style will always just come along as it is, we’re pretty versatile!
Our track Nothing had this slow R&B vibe which just kinda arrived. We couldn’t and wouldn’t replicate it, that’s the way we work.

We see the latest EP is due to drop in February, tell us a little about In The Dark EP

Mark: In the Dark was incredibly stripped down when I passed it over to Dave. He had the structure in place but a basic kick drum linking it altogether. I don’t think he could tell which way the track would finally unfold and I think that’s great. The production to it is very large and I love his overtly tuned vocal in a nod to some French house music of the early noughties.

Dave: We’re not afraid of dropping a very catchy pop tune. We’ll be keeping them to a minimum though, and will get back to some dark serious shit on the next EP!

Following on from your festival debut at Doonhame in September and alongside the Carlisle gig in December, will we be able to catch NVBLD live in 2020?

Mark: We, as a three piece are insanely busy doing other things but are all in the same head space to put the LIVE aspect out there. I feel we’ve finally pieced it together over the rehearsals for the first couple of gigs. The feedback was amazing. I was really pleased with the live side in 2019 and think there’s plenty of scope for 2020. Probably a case of
Watch this space at the moment. If there’s opportunities that suit we’d love to take or find them.

Dave: I don’t think we’ll ever be a ‘gigging’ band, but when we do play we’ll make sure it’s pretty special for you and us.

Had 2019 brought you both much music to follow? Are there any artists that have caught your attention?

Mark: Hayden Thorpe formerly Of Wild Beasts dropped a beautiful album last year as did Beck. Here We Go Magic are bringing some nice things forward and TSHA on the House front. Lots more but can’t think!

Dave: Not blown away in 2019 with new music to be honest, quite like Georgia’s vibe. She has a great heritage and it totally shines thru

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