NRG-I Love It/Turn It Up EP

Another rave music legend returns to the Kniteforce label, this time it’s NRG of ‘I Need Your Lovin’ infamy with a diverse ep of modern rave and jungle

Diehard oldskoolers know NRG primarily for massive tracks like the above mentioned, ‘He Never Lost His Hardcore’ and the NRG remix of Qbass ‘Deepa’

This brand new EP features a brand new sound with ‘I Love It’ combining elements of the sound of artists as diverse as Special Request, KiNK and even Diplo with timeless rave korg synths and signature Amiga style hardcore

‘Helpless’ dives into oldskool jungle mode with the think break rolling, classic 80s soul vibes and what can only be described as a killer fusion of future soul funkiness and 94 jungle dynamism

‘Turn It Up’ returns to the oldskool hardcore blueprint with plenty of unique audio quirks. Try to imagine early 808 State going into the blender with prototype 92 hardcore and 2020 post rave. Forward thinking yet never losing the Hardcore!

Finally ‘Fire’ expounds on the future facing theme of this triumphant return of a release. This is jungle tekno 2.0 built on the foundations of the jungle with the trademark bleeps and darkness of the original style yet fresh as the day is new with spectacular audio wizardry.

NRG is back with a retro yet totally innovative new release that will find favour with the original ravers and those taking the sound in bold new directions


Pre-Sale Starts 06/01/20

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