NZO & Invincible-Trippin’ On Sunshine EP

NZO & Invincible’s ‘Trippin’ On Sunshine’ EP is a classic release from the early Happy Hardcore era spun by the likes of Billy Daniel Bunter at the legendary Labrynth rave nights in Dalston, London. Team Kniteforce are on board with a freshly remastered vinyl repress but be quick to avoid FOMO!!

NZO & Invincible ‘Trippin’ On Sunshine’ is the perfect end of night/end of set tune in the vein of ‘Renegade Snares’ and ‘Thru The Vibe.’ The production style balances melodic Jungle with 94 Breakbeat Hardcore in a way that truly stands the test of time. In short it’s a classic from the latter days of rave that deserves more recognition than it gets.

‘Funky Sensation’ leans more towards the Breakbeat Rave side of the continuum with strong Italian House influences in a manner markedly different from Hardcore tunes of this era. This is one of the standout early releases from Just Another Label and this remastered vinyl re-release will literally fly off the shelves so keep tabs on the new Kniteforce Revolution website for the release this August, link below.

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