OKNF Collective – We Are OKNF Vol.13

It has been quite some time since we last caught up with the Brooklyn based bass collective OKNF, which means there’s a stack of artists EP’s to catch up on if you haven’t done already, plus several volumes of their ‘We Are OKNF’ LP series including their latest one, volume 13.

Let’s not associate ourselves with any of the ‘unlucky for some’ nonsense connected with the number 13 here, because fortune is heading your way by the bucket load with 9 free tracks of some of the toughest House music you can find anywhere on the planet! Whilst OKNF prides itself in delivering big bass music, it’s not the kind that leaves you feeling battered and bruised and left with a brain that feels like melted jelly. This collective delivers the kind of bass you feel giving that ribcage a tickle and the kind you feel through the floor as it energizes your legs and demands you move your feet!

The bunch of producers who are bringing the bass and whole heap of filth into your lives this time around include MNTRA & TCHiLT, LoudTech, Teknicoz, Dunn Dirt, The SchmidtGroove Cartel, Nolek, Uzef, Kasto and Daun Lou. Get to know the music they have for you here, and then visit their various Soundcloud pages, because we promise you there’s plenty more to be found from them and when you add up what’s to be found on OKNF, your music collection will never have looked so healthy and sounded so heavy!


Find all the tracks and download links here on Soundcloud.


Links for OKNF Collective :

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