Opus III — It’s A Fine Day (SLP Remix)

I’ve listened to a lot of top quality remixes in my time, but this one by Hungarian House/Techno producer, SLP, slots right in as one of my all time favourites I’ve ever listened to! His 8 minute masterpiece is his take on an all time classic ‘It’s A Fine Day’ by, Opus III.

The original is itself a track that sends those good time chills down your spine and with SLP’s version, you can expect to be feeling plenty of those chills and then some due to the hugely atmospheric twist he has applied. Once your into this tune, your in and there’s no escaping it until the very last second, and even then you’ll take a moment to remould your mind.

SLP’s remix was released by, Suprematic Sound, a very popular platform for underground electronic music. They themselves have a huge amount of music and mixes to check out, so when you’ve had a good dig though SLP’s back catalog, be sure to check theirs to on the links below.


Download SLP’s remix here.


Links for SLP :



Links for Suprematic Sound :

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