Parallax Echo Corps – Second Sun EP

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For the last 6 years Death Proof Recordings have been releasing an amazingly eclectic range of music at the techno end of the spectrum. Omega Men were remixers and producers who had done their magic on many tunes for Death Proof, Lot49, Diablo Loco and others and have now morphed into Parallax Echo Corps. They are label owner Paul Blandford and Dominic Mayer – another on Death Proof’s roster who has even remixed Swedish indie band Acid House Kings’ “This Heart is a Stone”. A previous remix under this name of Brisker and Magitman’s Remote was the only other taste of this duo – which was a straight out techno stomper with some experimental bleeps and acid squelches for good measure. This was just a taster for this 3 track release though which takes the bleeps and experimental elements further and I hope for more releases to come.

First track: Second Sun. Even on first listen I knew this would be a grower. There is so much going on in this track that builds and subsides for all of its 7 and a half minutes but never bores. The simple central coda starts right at the beginning and would be tedious is there wasn’t so much going on over the top of it. Electronic sounds and small refrains are constantly appearing and disappearing as the tune builds and builds until every 2 minutes when you think it can’t build anymore it crescendos and you come back down to a steady beat and it starts building and overlaying again. Even when it came to an end I wanted more and I hope you’ll feel the same.

Track 2: Under Fire. A more banging techno track reminiscent of Detroit techno but with the distorted kick drums and the even more distorted synths it will be placed firmly in the modern techno bin. One for monged out early mornings when you just need a beat and that beat must be hard (not sure what kind of night that night was though).

Track 3: Elbow Room. Another unrelenting banging techno tune that reminds me of distorted 90s German techno but slower…I think.

Buy this if only for Second Sun which might just blow you away….it did me.


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