Parissior – Jazzy Funk (Spa In Disco)

From time to time, Spa In Disco likes to slip a free tune in amongst all of their red hot releases, just as thanks for the never-ending support it receives from its dedicated army of followers. The latest one of these free tracks to surface on the Spanish imprint comes from the up and coming Spanish Disco producer Parissior. His new track ‘Jazzy Funk’ has the groove to make you move and although it comes across as a bit of a charmer, all it wants to do is get down and dirty on the dancefloor which, as you’ll soon find, is no bad thing!

Check out lots more from Spa In Disco, HERE, and Parissior on the links below.


Download Parissior’s free track here on Hypeddit.


Links for Parissior :

Soundcloud / Facebook / Mixcloud

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