Peace On Wax 004 & 005

Two new vinyl Eps of Breakbeat Hardcore & Jungle Tekno from the Peace On Wax imprint featuring firing tunes from Systec & Powerman, InnerCore, Stormski, Afterlife & Nervous+Anxious

Systec & Powerman ‘Condor’ opens with a dark and intense half time beat, kicks into some early 93 ‘darkcore’ style jungle breaks peppered with pitched up rap vox. Overall this track captures the feel of early releases on the seminal Formation label with a strong Techno influence.

InnerCore ‘Suspense’ ventures into Basement Recs circa 92/93′ Jungle Tekno waters with a chunky 4×4 kick, slammin’ breaks and eerie experimental synths with a brief interlude of trippy piano.

Stormski ‘Love Sanctuary’ is high energy, uplifting 92 style rave from the get go. Layered breaks, scratches and snippets of vox get things moving before a momentous wash of piano and ‘sanctuary of love’ vocals take the energy levels to peak excitement. The familiar sound of a horns and whistle crowd sample welcomes in the midway switch with more pure 92 rave synth action, HUGE tune!

Afterlife ‘Sanctuary’ sets the dial back to 1991, the birth of Breakbeat Hardcore. a variety of haunting vocals surround a complex arrangement of breaks, samples and atmospheric keys. When the pianos and full vocal kicks in, you will be fully immersed in that pure oldskool vibe, spine tingling. Energetic hoovers take over at the halfway point to add to the authenticity and euphoria of this amazing production.

Nervous+Anxious ‘Lose Control’ for those in the know, is a hardcore breaks gem that first appeared on the Paranoid Recordings imprint. This track cleverly combines elements of the signature sound of several seminal oldskool labels like Moving Shadow, Formation & Suburban Base. There is plenty of variation throughout from the deeper melodic sounds of the intro to the uplifting pianos and techno stabs.

Stormski ‘You Better Move’ spares no horses when it comes to sheer energy and maximum fun. Horn samples, sassy rap vox, frantic keys and that piano and vocal combo made famous by Slipmatt way back when. We get a lot more of that piano than we did on a certain Slipmatt tune though, the title says it all, when the DJ plays this one, you better move! Try not to, I dare, I double dare you!!!

Systec ‘Hardcore Generation’ takes a melodic slant on the Jungle Tekno sound with uptempo almost 80s synthwave esque keys, 92 rave pianos and more dreamy synths! The track has a nice cut up style similiar to the Dave Charlesworth ‘Energiser’ tracks.

InnerCore ‘24 Track Mix’ fits perfectly into the mold of classic tunes like Wax Doctor & Jack Smooth ‘Unfriendly’, dark, jarring and unsettling in a truly wicked way! Moody stabs and pumping kicks mingle with angry mentasm riffs and clever turntable trickery effects!

Peace On Wax 004 & 005 are available to pre-order on Vinyl & digital now, click on the above Bandcamp links to order your copies

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