Pecoe – Its My Beat EP (Breakbeat Paradise Recordings)

Pecoe makes a welcomed return to Breakbeat Paradise Recordings with his 4-track ‘It’s My Beat’ EP that is packed with the familiar funky flair, samples and Breaks we’ve come to expect from his party-poppin’ jams. The title track of the EP kicks things off and taking a classic Hip Hop acapella, Pecoe places it over chunky beats and then hits it with brass to intensify the funky flavour. Next, it’s a trip back to the soulful sounds of the late ’80s with the vocal sample used on ‘What’s Going Down’ that also features more solid beats and red-hot bassline. Talking of basslines, we have the slickest one of them all next and it’s firing up the groove on ‘Next To You’ a treat, along with another classic Soul vocal hook, smoother beats and a lush lick of sax. Funky guitar riffs, kickin’ beats and another hit of sax all come together with another ’90s Hip Hop classic on ‘How We Just Chill’ and makes sure that the listener keeps on smiling from the first beat to the last!


Buy all of the music here on Juno.


Just when you thought that was it, there is even more music from Pecoe with this free Funk and Disco mashup that has been released to support his new EP. We’re pretty sure those who dig Pecoe will dig this:


Download ‘Got The Good Times’ for free here.


Links for Pecoe :

Soundcloud / Facebook / Bandcamp / Breakzlinkz

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