Pecoe – Rap It Up EP

The ever productive Pecoe continues to churn out quality funky breaks tunes at a rapid rate and hot on the heels of his 9 track All For The Beat LP on Breakbeat Paradise and his 3 track Party EP with his breakbeat brother Kenny Beeper, he’s back with another 4 free tracks on his brand new Rap It Up EP.

Pecoe’s new EP has been titled as such because he has lifted rap acapella’s from some of his favourite hip-hop classics and after a bit of chopping and reconfiguring, those acapella’s have been expertly woven into the party jams provided. You can expect to hear Tone Loc, Ultramagnetic MC’s, Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five and Snoop Dogg & Marvin Gaye featuring on tracks made up of ill basslines, funky guitars and horns and bouncy broken beats! Grab one or grab them all from the player above.


Links for Pecoe :

Soundcloud / Facebook / Breakzlinkz

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