Pete Cannon-N4 Naughty Vol 1

Pete Cannon revives the breakbeat hardcore bootleg in style with a 2 track slammer!

You will have heard Pete Cannon’s music on video games and TV commercials and you may- or rather should have heard his numerous releases on Kniteforce and his own N4 label. If so, you are already familiar with a rich library of hardcore and jungle gems which now include this one!

‘Naughty N4’ comprises of two tracks in the style of the mid 90s ‘Naughty Naughty’ rave bootlegs played by The Ratpack, DJ Vibes and more.

‘Just A Dream’ focuses around a super early 90s R&B Pop vocal reminiscent of Janet Jackson or Mantronix. The uplifting vocals combine with heavy sub frequencies and melodic piano with a nice half time breakdown mid way.

‘U Got 2 Feel It’ flips the script with a new twist you won’t find on that bootleg series. Opening with Eurodance riffs a la Capella (remember them?), this track leads into a lush slice of piano rave with a full vocal, 303s, hoovers and loads of cool beat manipulation. If you thought Eurodance and Amen breaks don’t mix, Mr Cannon blends the styles so well, you’ll wonder why no one thought of it before! Naughty but very nice!

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