Phonetix – Jazz Step FM

As massive fans of Phonetix we’re super hyped to tell you about his amazing ‘Jazz Step FM’ LP.

Comparisons have been made to MJ Cole and they are very much warranted. Over 13 tracks, Phonetix showcases the jazzier side of UK Garage & 2 Step. There is an abundance of horns starting with the velvet smooth shuffle of opening track ‘Something Special’ with Final Cutt Collective.

You have to experience the Latin soaked sounds of ‘Benito Miguel’ to truly soak up the vibe of this bass heavy roller that switches between 4×4 and 2 step with the most mindblowing horns.

‘Roll The Dice Again’ ft MC Cobra is Jazz poetry set to a luxurious soundtrack of Soul infused Future Garage that takes the genre out of the comfort zone and into a place where you might find A tribe Called Quest.

‘Waiting’ aims at the dancefloor with cut us stabs, heavy B Lines and nice beat interludes for fans of UKG and House music alike.

‘Blue Step’ bumps up to the Jazz cafe with equal amounts musicality and the traditional UKG style of the early 00s. Play this one while the sun goes down on a warm balmy day.

‘Think About You’ is weightier than the late Heavy D with a subtle nod to Zzap and

‘The Mac’ย  is a heartfelt tribute to a sax player sadly no longer with us

‘Passing Us By’ is further enhanced by the truly lovely vocals of Harsh

The LP comes to a close with a trio of tracks that pay tribute to soul classics and the love of Jazz instilled in Phonetix. The vibe is warm, balmy, radiant and positive throughout on an LP that elevates UKG and shows what the best of the scene’s producers can do. Don’t believe us? Hit play and hey, we told you so!

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