Pimpsoul – Lockdown Livestream 4 for Strictly Soulful

Many of us know and love Pimpsoul for the party-fuelled Funky Breaks tunes he used to create back in the day. Further back from those days though, before his Pimpsoul and Darftphunk days, he went out under his Revibe alias and Drum and Bass was very much his thing. It’s where he cut his teeth in the world of DJing and it’s where his love for broken beat music began.

Because his DnB roots have never been severed and because he had been enjoying Strictly Soulful’s live streams that had popped up during lockdown, he got in touch with his good friend Ant Semeraro (Instant) – founder of Strictly Soulful, Peterborough’s premier Drum and Bass night – to see if he could join the lineup for one of his future streams and the good news was that the man from Del Monte said yes! So, with the invite accepted, Pimpsoul/Revibe got to work and expertly crafted a Drum and Bass mix that gives a great insight as to what he used to be all about and one that will raise the heart rate considerably once the play button is pressed!

If Pimpsoul’s rare DnB set has got you going, you’ll be happy to know that he’s back with another mix this very evening (15/08/20), as Strictly Soulful returns to Mixcloud with another action-packed live stream event. Kicking things off is Tredda (7-8) and following on are Kloak & Sparka MC (8-9), Pimpsoul (9-10), Instant (10-11) and Cooper (11-12). Hit the relevant links below and hit follow/like so as not to miss out on when this eventful evening goes live.


Links for Strictly Soulful :

Facebook / Mixcloud

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