Pirate Jams – The Vaults Vol 2

So, the cat is out of the bag and Pirate Jams true identity has finally been revealed as Bass music legends The Freestylers! We’re sure many of you will have already worked that out but for those who didn’t, you now know and when you listen back to Pirate Jams music, it all makes complete sense and as we’re on the subject of listening to music by Pirate Jams, why not get stuck into their brand new mix ‘The Vaults Vol 2’.

This new mix may well trick you into thinking you’re about to receive a best of selection of tracks but that is far from the case. There are a few of the guys’ favourite Pirate jams tracks in the mix, but there’s also a very decent amount of new music that will be heading our way in the not too distant future which is great news for all. Hitting play on their mix will result in you being met with a rave heavy selection of Breakbeat, House and Acid House with peak-time floor fillers aplenty and a generous helping of filth for good measure and who doesn’t like a bit of filth?!

Stay tuned for the releases of all the new music on the links below.


Links for Pirate Jams :

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