Pirate Jams – Wazer (Bandcamp Exclusive)

The Freestylers have dropped into the ward under their Pirate Jams guise with their new track Wazer. Known for helping tear up a dance floor or two in their time, the duo have taken their new Breakbeat tune to the emotive and euphoric end of the scale and maxed it out! Their production work is on point as ever and fills the airwaves with nothing but happiness, but it’s the female vocal hook that will keep pulling on your heart-strings, I promise you! Many of us have been to many amazing parties and witnessed some amazing sets in our lives and when you know things are coming to an end, you hope there’s an amazing track that will make it a happy ending and this is one of those tracks without a doubt. That’s not to say it shouldn’t be featured anywhere else in a set, but it’s got that feel of leaving you floating on cloud nine as you head back to the afterparty, bed, tent or mates living room floor.

The new Pirate Jams track is exclusive to Bandcamp and will be one of many know the guys have got themselves signed up there. As well as finding new music on their page, there’s a decent chunk of classic material to be found also, so if you had missed there Bandcamp arrival, now’s the time to check and see if there’s something you might have missed.


Buy Wazer here on Bandcamp.


Links for Pirate Jams :

Soundcloud / Facebook / Bandcamp

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