Playing With Knives (Drop Out Orchestra Rework)

Ever wondered what a Disco rework of Bizarre Inc‘s 1991 classic ‘Playing With Knives’ would sound like? Nope? Well, us neither if we’re completely honest with you. Two chaps that did wonder what it would sound like though are Swedish Disco legends Drop Out Orchestra and furthermore, they’ve pushed things forward and actually made it happen so we can all get our heads around how this unlikely combo would sound.

Our first and now lasting impression of their rework is that it’s good, it really is very, very good! The piano, strings and vocal from the original are all present in Drop Out Orchestra’s rework, but now get presented as part of an epic 11-minute Disco journey that’s so uplifting that listening to it will make it an almost spiritual event every single time. We highly recommend you popping your headphones on if it’s to be your first-time listening to it, just so you can really get lost in its magic.


Buy Drop Out Orchestra’s rework here.


Links for Drop Out Orchestra :

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