Plump DJs – Keep a Focus

It’s fair to say that Plump DJs have had a pretty decent 2017. They’ve has a handful of releases of their own has kept fans of the duo wanting more and more, a mix for Data Transmission that I have rinsed plenty of times throughout the second half of this year and as well as plenty of gigs and festival slots, they released their mighty ‘LDN Selection’ for, Punks Music, which, just in case you didn’t know, is the current home of all Plump’s workings.

To finish off a highly productive year for them both, they’re going out on a massive high with their new tune ‘Keep a Focus’ and that’s gonna be something that’s very hard to do once it infects your soul. A heavy old skool presence is felt by ravey synths that are backed with breathtaking bass and a classic rap vocal hook. This tune will suit both the peak time sets with it’s intoxicating energy and those early hours sets with it’s pure filthiness. Wherever and whenever you choose to drop it, you can be guaranteed that they’ll be fee ton the floor and hands in the air with smile to be seen on every face!


Buy ‘Keep a Focus’ here.


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