Prosper & Stabfinger – Down in the Basement EP (Bombstrikes)

Prosper & Stabfinger are back rockin’ it once again on Bombstrikes with a new EP that delivers their infectious funky Hip-Hop sound that always gets hands in the air and feet on the floor! Down In The Basement is the new EP from the Parisian duo that delivers two original tracks from themselves and a remix from Fedorovski.

Setting the airwaves alight from the off is the title track of the EP. With the duo’s band drafted in to take the funk to a whole new level, brisk and solid 4/4 beats are laid down with an irresistible groove and the vocal talents of Colorado’s Awoke that all come together brilliantly to create a highly addictive piece of party music. The second track Lucky Six still offers plenty for the party even though there’s a cooler vibe going down. Lions Pride joins them on this one and he only adds to the golden glow of this sublime cut that takes the listener back to the early origins of Hip-Hop and B-boy culture. Bringing things to a close is Fedorovski’s remix of Boogie Bugi, which is a track taken from Prosper & Stabfinger’s 2019 Take R Time EP. Taking things off a tangent compared to the sound of the previous two tracks, Fedorovski delivers a mind-bending deep Disco churner that’s cosmically charged and has plenty of the Indian influence found in the original at its heart. Impressed we are with this EP and we’re sure you will be too.


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