Pulpfusion – From A Kid To A Man (Album)

After taking a few years out to play the guitar in the band Noisepilot and to learn about new hard and software and then teaching others how to use it and make music of their own, Pulpfusion is now back in his production hot seat and he’s promising to send our way a lots of new Breakbeat material throughout 2020 and beyond. The first batch of new music to come from him comes in the form of his new album ‘From A Kid To A Man’.

In total there are 13 tracks (plus 4 bonus tracks if you buy from Bandcamp) on ‘From A Kid To A Man’ that range from hazy downtempo numbers to full-on Big Beat workouts and everything in between, so there’s plenty for the lovers of Breakbeat to really get stuck into. With all of those tracks to go at, highlights do come thick and fast and some of ours include the classy and jazzy Breaks vibe of the album opener and title track, ‘Illusion’ that will definitely catch the interest of all the B-boys and B-girls out there, ‘Put The Pedal Down’ which is a furious Big Beat tune that does exactly as its title suggests, ‘Don Champignon’ will infiltrate your mind and take it to places far away with its intense and atmospheric soundscape, ‘Razorblade’ rocks up with a grungy guitar hook and angry beats and our final pick of the bunch is ‘Mother’, a beautiful downtempo track that will pull on the heartstrings of anyone who has one.

Hit the link below to check out the brilliance of the other tracks on the album and the 4 bonus ones and we guarantee you’ll not be disappointed that you did so.


Buy ‘From A Kid To A Man’ here on Bandcamp.


Links for Pulpfusion :

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