Qdup – Party Platters Vol. 1

We’ve been featuring the music of Qdup here on LSM as far back as 2013, so it’s fair to say we’re massive fans of the funky and always party flavoured sound he serves up. It should go without saying then that we’re very excited at the release of his new ‘Party Platters Vol. 1’ EP and we can confirm that there’s no disappointment to be found here!

On this new EP series will be two new tracks, instrumentals of both of those tracks and DJ tools of them both which means there’s great music to listen to for the music fans and plenty to play with for the creative DJ’s out there. The first of the two tracks ‘Love Rap Thang’ is a booty shaking slab of Disco Breaks that’s beats and bass crank up the party flavour along with a couple of familiar vocal samples. ‘Funk Over Here’ is another pure party machine that’s Hip Hop stance is rocking hefty breakbeats and a bassline to really give those bass bins a proper rinsin’! From what we’ve heard here, this is an EP series that’s definitely worth staying tuned in for!


Take your pick of what you want to own, or buy everything here on Bandcamp.


Links for Qdup :

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