Quadrat Beat – The Blob + The Brainkiller Remix (RUNE Recordings)

It has been a good few months now since Quadrat Beat released any new music and to announce his return in spectacular fashion, he has released a Breakbeat belter in ‘The Blob’ on RUNE Recordings with a remix from The Brainkiller that is equally as large.

From the first 15 seconds of the clip provided of ‘The Blob’, you get the indication this one’s gonna kick hard, but following on is the most intense breakdown that’ll get the heart-pounding well above any recommended guidelines! In the midst of the breakdown, what you’re hoping for next is the mother of all drops and we’re very happy to report that there’s not even a smidge of disappointment on that front. Full-on, in your face Breakbeat is what then unfolds and if you’re like us, you’ll be chomping at the bit to encounter it on a dancefloor as soon as possible! The Brainkiller’s remix comes in a whole lot dirtier than the original and with a gritty and darker vibe that’ll have the ravers gettin’ down low to go toe-to-toe with another Breakbeat brute.


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