Radicall-In The Shade EP

Radicall serves up a 4 track EP of fast, and melodic Breakbeat Hardcore on Cantina Cuts


In The Shade sets the tone with hoovers and Detroit techno stabs reminiscent of early Suburban Base albeit a lot faster with nice timestretch effects on the beats. The track pivots smoothly into a dreamy section of piano and vocal with hints of the Thompson Twins.

In The Air turns up the rush with some tight piano and chipmunk vocals split up by Landlord stabs on this fast, stompy raveathon!

Exit The Light is as the title suggests, a darker number but a very melodic one preferring haunting synths and strings to the angry hoovers, bringing elements of early bleep techno to the Jungle framework for a highly atmospheric excursion.

Haunted brings that classic 93 era blood curdling sound to the forefront with some really nice breakbeat sections and stab sections that add balance and energy into the mix. The In The Shade EP is out now on vinyl and digital.

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