Rave 2 The Grave- Give A Little Love / NRG

Jedi Recordings’ 23rd release is a colaborative release with Stormtrooper Recordings featuring two brand new breakbeat hardcore gems by Rave 2 The Grave.

For release No23, DJ Jedi teams up with Stormtrooper Recordings for a release that marks 25 years of quality Happy Hardcore. You can read the fascinating story behind this upcoming EP in Part one & two of a blog post series featuring a personal account from both Jedi and Stormtrooper’s Olly. (Keep an eye out for the third blog, you won’t want to miss it!)

This 25th anniversary release for the Stormtrooper imprint features two tracks of pure piano rave starting with ‘Give A Little Love’ which opens with a funky drummer style break, quickly joined by the ‘NWA’ break. It’s not long before some euphoric Italo/Rave piano kicks in, complete with trancey, cinematic melodies and the much loved Lisa Stansfield vocal from ‘People Hold On. A nice intersection of amen breaks and synth stabs in the style of Awesome 3’s ‘Don’t Go’

‘NRG’ pays musical homage to labels like Suburban Base & Production House with bright, sunshine piano, dark rave keys, mentasms and hoovers in rapid succession. A seismic wave of hardcore euphoria in the oldskool tradition!  27 years on, the sound of 1992 is a gift that keeps on giving, thanks to Jedi recordings, Stormtrooper Recordings & Rave 2 The Grave.

Now available in a series of bundles at https://djjedi.bandcamp.com/ including vinyl, stickers, tees, CDs and the chance to win a BMX bike!

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