Ray Charles – What’d I Say (Phil Mac & Fizzy Gillespie Remix)

Drum n Bass with a healthy dose of vintage Swing is what lights the fires in the minds of Phil Mac and Fizzy Gillespie. Both of these guys are doing their utmost to spread the joy of the Swing n Bass sound and it’s fair to say they’re doing a damn good job at it. Both of them produce music in their own right and both know how to assemble a tune that brings feet to the floor and smiles to faces. With this latest tune though, they’ve joined forces and their remix of ‘What’d I Say’ by the legendary, Ray Charles, is an extremely classy jam. Bags of energy and positivity, which is something we can all do with at some point or another, so to have it close to hand at all times, make this beauty yours!


Download Phil Mac and Fizzy Gillespie’s remix here.


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