Rayan Gee – Tribal Love EP feat. Claire G Phunk & Gavin Hydes (Subiendo Records)

Subiendo Records presents two summer essentials on the brand new ‘Tribal Love’ EP by Rayan Gee featuring Claire G Phunk and Gavin Hydes. The title track is where we begin and if euphoric House is your thing, this is a track you’re gonna love! Claire G Phunk’s honeyed tones are laid over shuffling beats and dreamy synths to create a track that will help straighten out the most twisted of ravers at the after-party. The second track ‘Life Changes’ brings huge rave influences to the fore which will come as no surprise to some because Rayan is of course one-third of rave-legends Shades of Rhythm. Dancefloor-filling beats are joined by a huge classic-House piano hook and Gavin Hyde’s vocal that only adds to the hands-in-the-air nature of this future rave-anthem.



Buy both tracks here on Beatport.

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