Reblok – Alone With You

Reblok brings an inventive and original house music style to the Sola imprint

House music continues to evolve and artists like Reblok are at the head of this revolution. Listen to the title track and try and classify it, you won’t be able to. It’s house music with the identifiable features of a genre that began in the early to mid 80s but it’s different.

The quirky style of ‘Alone With You’ doesn’t quite fit in with conventions, it has an upbeat, almost pop music like sound that fuses the best of modern house sub genres and flips them into something that will gain instant dancefloor recognition and gratification

‘Bosfor’ is deep, trippy and techy all in one with unique bass stabs, flutes and a dreamlike progressive riff. In short, you’re in for something special here and you will KNOW when you hear either of these tracks!

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