Regeneration EP Pt 2 [Hardcore Vinylists]

Hardcore Vinylists presents part 2 of the Regeneration EP featuring Stu & Nee, Systec, Puffin’ Billy and Nervous + Anxious, you know the score!!!

Stu & Nee kick off the vibes with a euphoric slice of Piano Hardcore ‘Get On Down’ that will give you those oldskool goosebumps! The pure optimism of the strings and pianos, the CeCe Rogers style vocal and Son’z Of A Loop Da’ Loop Era stabs have the feel of a long lost DAT from 1992. Gen X ravers be warned, you may get a bit misty eyed listening to this!

If Stu & Nee represent the happy rave feels, Systec is the Doc Scott of this EP with an angry, underground roller ‘Gangsta Beat’ packed with broody Techno riffs, Rap vox and a brief respite of Italo Piano. Like the words say “we don’t die, we multiply.”

Puffin’ Billy sounds the sirens with the mentasm mayhem of ‘Pull The Plug.’ The Manix/Reinforced playbook is in full effect with bouncy breaks, Sheffield inspired bleeps and Belgian mentasms marching forward like a rave tornado!

Nervous + Anxious close the EP with another fierce slice of ‘ardcore.’ Beats Per Soul.’ A mixture of dark hoovers and spacey keys with a Baby D style vocal. Think Passion ‘Dance In Eden’ for this badboy!!!!. Another winning VA from Hardcore Vinylists!

Out 15/03/21

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