Revert Project- Resonate EP

Revert Project’s ‘Resonate EP’ marks the end of an era and the start of something new with three stellar tracks of Hardcore Jungle

Own a piece of history as Jedi Recordings ceases operations to pave the way for a brand new label. Revert Project’s 3 tracks are a fine way to mark this milestone. The title track harks back to the ‘intelligent jungle’ era with laid-back, jazz inspired strings and FX set to carefully layered oldskool jungle amens.

‘Fall From Grace’ continues the kick back and chill vibes with some 94/95′ stylings. Gentle synth swirls and vocal refrains progress into darker yet mellow waters with deep subs and Detroit techno melodies a la Marcus Intalex.

’93’ Groove’ dips deeper into the Detroit/Chicago influences with airy, ethereal riffs, jumping breaks and sub stabs straight from 93. This groove draws from the musical side of the 93 era and sounds like early Simon Bassline Smith. The force is incredibly strong on this essential release!

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