Rise interview with Stereophoenix

With Stereophoenix presenting a second helping of their night ‘ Rise ‘ in Manchester in just over a week, I managed to get a brief moment to ask the co founders, Simon Shackleton ( Elite Force ) and Gower Preston a few questions on what to expect and what it’s all about.


1. So Stereophoenix is bringing ‘Rise’ to The Roadhouse in Manchester very soon. What have you got lined up for us?

First and foremost, 6 hours of exceptional soaring music: deep, twisted, psychedelic and cosmic tech-house and techno from Gower Preston , Manchester’s very own Mike Hulme and a double dose from the unparalleled Simon Shackleton (AKA Elite Force). All set in the perfectly intimate Roadhouse venue filled with our usual fabulous, friendly and fun-loving collection of fans, followers and friends. It’s set to be an absolute belter of a night.

2. Your first Rise was in London in February and was a resounding success. What do you think made it such a good night?

Yeah, it was like a big private party. It’s all about the people really. One of the comments on FaceBook likened the night to ‘raving in the nineties, only better!”. It was as if everyone knew each other and if they didn’t before, they did by the end of the evening. We do aim to make Rise different to the usual pile ’em high, stop-start, soulless supermarket nights that are going on up and down the country week in, week out. Our DJs know each others’ styles very well and work together. As a result, there’s always a sense of cohesion to the music throughout the night…a beginning that welcomed and warmed everyone up very nicely, a middle that really raised the tempo and got the juices flowing and the finale, a back-to-back 3 hour + set by old friends Meat Katie and Simon Shackleton absolutely tore the roof off the place until closing time. We’re really fortunate to have gathered a brilliant core group of fans and we’re all chatting with each other all of the time, before, during and after. Once we get all of this in one room, it creates a fantastic and really fun atmosphere…a real shared experience and some proper shenanigans.


3. Stereophoenix is gathering momentum. Is it just another label?

Absolutely not. We’re trying to do something very different. So many people are fed up with the standard ‘clubbing’ scene which with a few notable exceptions is selling people short a lot of the time.Our motivation and approach are very simple. Producing good music and laying on the sort of nights we’d want to go are what it’s about. Rather than setting ourselves to just try and ‘sell’ to an audience, we’re more interested in bringing the audience together into one big democratic group. It’s a bit like a tribe really – likeminded people all contributing to the whole and helping make everything we are all involved with as much fun as it can be for everyone else. The Rise nights are great for this and more perfect still are the One Series events – One room, One DJ, One set – In the coming weeks we’re doing numbers 011 and 012 in LA and San Francisco – the success of these is testament to the ethos and collective spirit of everyone involved and owes a lot to the amazing collective spirit of Burning Man. Truly epic every time. Watch this space! So far, the sets for the One Series have all been done by Simon and we’re now looking to bring some other top quality artists into the fold for future events next year and onwards. As well as that we’re hoping to bring more and more people into the scene with more new music and more spectacular events in exceptional locations – more Rise and One Series events in the calendar up and down the country and hopefully overseas too.

4. If you could give us all one good reason to come and join you on October 18th, what would it be?

It really feels like we’re hitting on the best combination for a proper night out. The best music, the best people, the best fun….it’s how a night out should should be. Come and join us!

To get you tickets for this event click HERE


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