Rise Of Empires – Terminal EP

The second of two new Kniteforce Prime EPs is by KF regular, Ross Fader aka Rise Of Empires. 4 tracks of melodic early style Hardcore goodness!

Get It On
The progression in this tune is amazing! Building from deep strings into a darkside beast and back again! Everything sounds pristine with the right ammount of balance between beats, bass and synths and it’s really original to boot!

The great thing about 30 years of WIndrush generation inspired UK rave is the ability to retroactively combine sounds from different points in the timeline. Addiction sounds like 94 Jungle and 91 Hardcore at once, bringing together the smoothness of 94 with the ruggedness and incendiary energy of 91!

Terminal Message
This feels a bit more 92 with the proto-jungle influences kicking in as a prelude to manic synths/riffs, furious amens and mesmeric bleeps

The Human Condition
Remember that tune in The Matrix? Clubbed to death I belive it’s called. Well, this sounds and feels like the Hardcore version! Mystical vibes all the way here with flutes and bells making an appearance. It’s a feat to fuse deep, dark and hard all in one but ROE does it!

Available 23/06/22 on Kniteforce Revolution

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