Robin Wylie-The New Plaza EP

Robin Wylie opens a musical urban space, mixing and blending Jungle, Grime, House & Techno on The New Plaza EP

Having performed alongside an eclectic roster of DJs and artist since the 90s, Robin brings a wealth of influences and his impressive music production abilities to a fantastic EP.

Over 6 brooding, flexing breakbeat driven workouts, Robin blends a pleasing cocktail of haunting Jungle/Detroit Techno strings into a dungeon of rhythmic and maleable bass frequency, floor pounding kicks and richocheting jungle breaks.

On stellar tracks the likes of ‘Undercurrent’ and ‘Low End Pads’, a plaza is built to house the varied tastes of Grime/Deep Dubstep fans, Junglists, Ravers and Technoheads, a place where the finest grooves and heaviest basslines appear on display!

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