Robosapiens, Jack Martin (UK) – Cool Kids EP (Kiosek Records)

If you’re after the kind of Breakbeat that could almost crack a dance floor in half with it’s power, look no further than this ‘Cool Kids’ EP from the heavyweight Breaks duo Robosapiens on the mighty Kiosek Records.

The title track is first up on the EP and it’s is the first track off their ‘Unfollow’ album that was released nine months ago. The track was written with Jack Martin from the band Fewels and was created after a particularly horrifying experience in a Bristol club. We’ve no idea as to what exactly happened, although we’re guessing it had something to do with ‘cool kids’ after listening to the lyrics sung by Jack, which play out as an ironic take on on the feeling of not fitting in, but also not wanting to fit in. Whatever the horrifying experience was, we’re very pleased they flipped the negativity on it’s head by producing a track that’ll have a room full of dancers only.

Robosapiens also have another Breakbeat track on the EP and it’s an exclusive tune to boot! ‘De Activate’ demonstrates the duos unwavering love for the 303 with an Acid Breaks behemoth that you’ll find hard to leave alone. The music doesn’t stop there either as there’s two remixes of ‘Cool Kids’ from DNCH, who brings a ferocious Breakbeat twist of his own to the party and Electric Mayhem, who warp minds with their twisted Techno remix. Quality stuff from all involved!


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