Rolldabeetz- Unnamed Ways LP

Rolldabeetz dives deep into experimental Techno with their new LP for Playperview, the aptly titled ‘Unnamed Ways’

There’s a touch of off-kilter electro to the scattered strands of opening track ‘Modern Man’ which set the standard for an album of varied shades from traditional deep techno to shades of disco, twisted funk and psychedelic car chase scene scores.

Overall, the album has a Lo-Fi/analogue feel. A plethora of different musical styles are poured into the blender to make something imediately captivating with a ton of longevity. ‘Unnamed Ways’ is an LP people will be listening to regardless of cyclical trends in dance music. Whether Techno is in or out of fashion is of no consequence to it’s loyal fans who will find plenty to enjoy on this LP as will newcomers to the genre looking for something unique to sink their ears into.

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