The Rolling Stones – Sympathy For The Devil (Gramophone Soul Remix)

Although Irish born, Scotland based DJ/producer Gramophone Soul is a recent discovery to us here at LSM, we’re very much liking the sound of his music, past and present.

His latest piece of music that caught out attention instantly, is this remix of The Rolling Stones cult classic ‘Sympathy For The Devil’. The intro is one that gets the blood flowing and the anticipation levels rising before you’re hit with crisp broken beats that turn it into a must have if you really want to see the dance floor start moving proper. The perfectly placed breakdown will give you a chance for a wee breather, whilst at the same time recharging your soul so that you’re ready for the big finish. We dig and we’re sure you will do to.


Download Gramophone Soul’s remix here on The Artist Union.


Links for Gramophone Soul :

Soundcloud / FacebookYouTube

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