Roots Manuva – Witness (Conrad Subs Remix)

You better be making sure your speakers are made of the right stuff before going anywhere near this insane Drum n Bass remix of Roots Manuva‘s 2001 Hip Hop classic Witness (1 Hope) by Ipswich’s Conrad Subs because if you don’t, the bassline will be taking speaker casualties at an alarming rate! Matched with the mother of all basslines are razor-sharp drums and an intense groove that carry Roots Manuva’s lyrics brilliantly. Grab a free copy on the link below and let the neighbours know just how much you love Drum n Bass!

If this has blown your mind, there’s tons of music to be found on Conrads Soundcloud page and quite a bit more on his label MAAD TING! too.


Download Conrad Subs’ free tune here.


Links for Conrad Subs :

Soundcloud / Facebook / Instagram / Patreon

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