Rory Hoy – Headroom EP (Big Fat Mama Beats)

When I hear the name Rory Hoy, there are only two words that immediately spring to my mind, Big Beat. Rory is absolutely mad for it and to be honest so am I and I, like Rory, was very sad when the Big Beat explosion faded into almost extinction. Thankfully though with Rory’s hard work and determination, he (along with a handful of others) is making sure that we Big Beat fans can always get a reliable fix of the good stuff!

Rory’s latest offering of music has landed on one of our favourite Breakbeat labels Big Fat Mama Beats and it just so happens that he’s got 7 tracks on his ‘Headroom’ EP that contain big fat beats! Things take off at a blistering pace with the rock-heavy and rock-steady Big Beat monster ‘Driving Me Insane’. That is followed with the gritty and rather hefty 110bpm stomper in ‘Change Your Mind’. Next up is a dusty and funky Breakbeat edit from Wiccatron on ‘Tropical Burger Time’, a track he and Rory made together a year or so ago. There’s plenty in that one to get you moving!

‘Funny Times’ sees Rory return to the more frenetic and Rock influenced sound before delivering an old skool flavoured Breaks track with old skool keys in ‘Good 2 Go’ which has ‘future rave anthem’ stamped all over it. ‘Another Big Beat Anthem’ follows and at 106bpm, it is the lowest tempo track of the bunch, but the twisted and cosmic feel of the track means it’ll leave its mark on you. To close this eventful EP, Rory closes with another rave inspired with ‘Plan9’. It’s hands in the air all day long when his 4/4 led banger is playing and once again it’s rich with old skool keys. We’re loving all we’ve heard and we hope you do too.


Buy Rory’s ‘Headroom’ EP here on Juno.

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