Ross Go – Shake n Bake Remakes Vol. 1

Canadian producer Ross Go has found himself in a similar position to many other producers out there – too many projects, not enough storage space! The only solution to that is, of course, to get some of those tracks finished and released and that’s exactly what he has done with the four tracks that now feature on his free Hip Hop led EP Shake n Bake Remakes Vol. 1.

The four tracks that can be found on Ross’ EP are all remixes of some of his favourite Hip Hop classics and as we’ve found out since we discovered his music back in the summer of 2019, his remixes always come with an upbeat funky twist and fresh broken beats that breathes new life into the original music. On parade on Shake n Bake Vol. 1 are remixes of Pass The 40 by People Under The Stairs, Up & Down by Grand Puba, Nobody Does It Better by Nate Dogg & Warren G and Made You Look by Nas and if those track choices have peaked your intrigue, we can confirm they’re every bit as good as you’re hoping they’re going to be!


Find the download links to each track here on Soundcloud.


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