S.U.B- Scr009

Sub Code Records Present Four Juggernaut Cuts of Junglistic Fire from S.U.B!

Sub Code strikes Khaki Gold once again with a killer 4 track EP by S.U.B. Track 1 ‘Junglists’ sounds suspiciously like a well known Bicep tune, albeit sped up to Jungle tempo with growling hoovers, spooky call and response vocal samples, psychotic sirens and distant Reese samples

‘Primavera’ is all about the haunting, jazz melodies with a deep in the night feel. The ambient swirls massage ears over an almost 2 minute long intro before subtle think breaks kick in with shards of mentasm that hint at a lurking menace underneath the tranquil soundscape

‘Control My Emotion’ delves deeper into the world of hazy soul with R&B vocals that ease the listener into lush break patterns and Detroit Techno synth structures. There’s more than a touch of that Metalheadz sound to this one!

‘Feeling Free’ continues in line with previous EP tunes with airy Detroit keys, oldskool breakbeats and mellow subs. The track has a nice floaty feel, you could dance to it or you could chill, either way, the beats grab a hold of you as do the sublime strings and serene vocals. Distinguished Jungle with shades of Peshay, Photek and Lemon D

Stream audio clips and purchase vinyl here

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