Sante Sansone- Keep Movin

Sante Sansone urges you to ‘Keep Movin’ with his new Tech House EP on Great Stuff Recordings.

Italy’s Sante Sansone provides the latest Tech House goodies for Great Stuff Recordings with ‘Keep Movin’ & ‘The Better Way’

The title track kicks off with some nice phat drums, little snatches of percussion and a bombastic bassline that evolves into a full on laser chasing bleep fest that will heat up the big room to the point windows will need to be opened!

‘The Better Way’ is a chunky companion to the title track. Hip gyrating beats, sppoky voices, rumbling bass and ravey/techno esque synths lead the charge for a twisty n’ tasty musical whirlwind! As always.. great stuff!


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