Scartat- I Freakin’ Love You EP

Scartat takes on a journey through the land of high quality production D&B with theI ‘I Freakin’ Love You EP’

Fans of RAM/Technique will lap up the melodic D&B roller ‘One Night Stand.’ The vibe is deep with a huge twisting lead hook that breaks down into a lovely lovestruck vocal and a series of tempo shifts. Definitely not your average DnB tune!!!

On the darker, techy tip is ‘This Game Right Here.’ A nice soundscape builds around the jagged basslines from spooky vox to a full on psychedelic breakdown. the switches between Jungle Breaks and punchy Neurofunk drums adds to the murky atmosphere of a killer tune that may just sneak up behind in the middle of the night!

‘Dooooooooooooom’ has a fun edge with quirky samples but believe us, this is HARD, militant Jungle! Avalanches of amens, orchestral chords in a ‘Cape Fear’ style and bass from a very dark place!!!

If high pitched bass-face mayhem is your thing (its ours!) then the duelling lasers of ‘I’m Here To Help’ will delight you! As with the other tracks on this EP, there is something very film like to this track and the composition is complex and truly incredible, a mixture of Drum & Bass styles that makes me think of output on labels like PRSPCT where Hardcore Techno and DnB blend in together nicely.

The Cubstar VIP of ‘One Night Stand’ adds a bit of gnarly niceness to a very very nice tune!!! The monstrous basslines compliment the melodies of the original, once again blurring the lines so well, it all just fits like a glove.

‘Crazy Going Slowly Am I’ leans towards Hardcore Techno with half step beats and pummelling drums in that Rotterdam style. Overall, the production values are rock solid. Scartat has a knack for making something new with the signature sounds of DnB.

Available on Vinyl from Kniteforce Revolution 02/06/21

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