Selecta 5-7-Enemies EP

Real, raw, oldskool Ragga Jungle on Sub Code Records courtesy of Selecta 5-7!

Sirens erupt from the get go on title track ‘Enemies.’ Tribal drums pound in the background as a 33-45 style pitch shifting amen sets the tone for a truly classic rinse out. Mellow chords and ragga vox reverberate around heavy sub frequency modulation on this slice of pure 95 style ruffness!

‘Soundboy Burial’ is next up, laying waste to all pretenders. A heavy break opens things up with a half time beat in sync. Braggadocios ragga vocals filter into the mix to create a full on sound system effect joined by Krome & Time circa 94 style amens.

‘Untitled’ kicks off with a flurry of familiar call and response samples. It’s yet more Selecta 5-7 1995 style technical wizardy on display with pummeling tearout breaks, hammering 808s and Wu Tang keys.

Those that rinsed out their Jungle Mania albums back in the day will instantly love ‘Gangsta’, not just for the familiar vocal refrain but for the crashing symphony of amens and the waves of heavy bass!

The seminal ‘License’ sample followed by another timeless throwback in the ‘Worries In The Dance’ sample announces the arrival of ‘Sensimilla.’ It doesn’t get more Ragga Jungle than this 100% authentic medley of chopped and spliced beats, complete with booming Ragga MC vocals and gunshot riddims. Loved the Jungle sound back in 95? You need this EP!

Pre-Order From Bandcamp Out on 15/10/18

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